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Thank you for sharing some of your time with us.

I am Chio, a consultant,  author and  member of the Compass Research Group.

I have always been interested in helping people develop easy to implement strategies and tips that would challenge  them to change and take better care of their health, communicate with less stress and  get better results:

  • Have better relationships with your parents, spouse, children and friends
  • Have better  health and well being, and greater control over your weight!
  • Learn how to heal old wounds and develop sustainable habits that will help you focus and thrive
  • Develop and develop the communication and leadership skills that would enable more consistently, finish your projects, meet your goals and become a better version of yourself  every day.
  • Live a more motivated,  productive, fulfilled, successful and enriched life

 Do you have questions on how you can go and get your own success?

Do you have questions on how you can build better relationships and communicate more effectively with others without getting stressed out?

Do you want to find out how can you protect your health and start on your journey of personal transformation without getting over whelmed by day to day obstacles and challenges?

 If so then you are in the right place!

 You can easily get started in your journey of personal transformation today, by getting a free copy of my 12 Day Conversation Challenge Today! Click here to get it!

Through the DALA COMPASS ACADEMY  you will  learn how to convert  challenges  with your health, relationships,  communication, and stress into opportunities for greater vitality and success through self-mastery and personal transformation!

Have you ever felt exhausted from the stress that comes from your daily interactions with others?  You can easily make daily stress a thing of the past, by starting your own  free trial of my STRESS MANAGEMENT MADE EASY course, as part of your journey to relentless personal transformation!



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