How to reduce sodium intake and reduce your blood pressure


Reducing your sodium intake is one of the natural ways to reduce your blood pressure if your are hypertensive. Yet, when most people that are hypertensive think of reducing sodium, the end up doing only one thing, they stop adding salt to the food they cook or eat.  Surprise! Surprise! This isn’t enough.  

Most people stop adding salt to their food  then complain that though they have stopped adding salt to the food they eat, their blood pressure has remained high. This is usually disappointing because the food has become less tasteful, yet the desired effect of a reduced blood pressure has not been achieved.

 Why is this happening? Here are a few reasons I want to share with you in this training from the Dala Compass Academy Wellness Challenge.  

This usually happens because other sources of sodium have not been accounted for. If you are over 47 and you want to cut down on sodium so that you can reduce your blood pressure then you have to...

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