How to make yourself a better leader under any situation

conflicts leadership manage Jan 03, 2021

As we begin the new year with resolutions and plans, we need to make sure we have the leadership skills to actualize them. Leadership is about making decisions, taking actions and managing conflicts. Do you have the leadership skills that will help you make better decisions in the different situations or environments that you will encounter throughout the year?

In a work environment you are faced with different personalities, attitudes, work ethics and much more. Because you are viewed as the leader you need to have the ability to deal with people who might be extremely stubborn.  The problem is that  if you do not know how to deal with challenging and stressful situations, the conflict that results will derail your ability to either carry out your new year resolutions or to get the results you desire under pressure.

Here are a few tips and strategies you can use to manage stubborn or just rude people in different situations:

  1. Look for an opportunity to  state...
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