3 ways to make difficult conversations easier for you to handle

conversations Aug 01, 2020

Do you dread of making difficult conversations? Do you worry about how such conversations could after your health and affect your ability to have better communications and relationships? By understanding a few strategies and putting in a little practice, you can learn how to make  difficult conversations easier for you to handle.

Start by showing whoever  is making your conversation difficult that they matter. How can you do this?  You can do this by showing them that you are paying attention to them.  Everyone wants to matter. By giving your conversation partner your full attention, you can accomplish that with ease. Avoid looking at your watch, your phone, or scanning the room. Keep your attention on the other person. This will help them feel more  in control of the conversation and less aggressive.  The benefit of this approach for you, will be that you will be less stressed out and more able to control the direction of the conversation,...

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