How to maintain your daily focus through better communication

Do you know how to maintain your daily focus and get the results you want from your daily activities? Challenges to your focus and ability to get things done including your ability to eat right, manage stress or get your projects done on time , can come from your inner or outer distractions. One source of outside distractions that you can easily diffuse through better communication is criticism.

Don’t be fooled by those who claim that their relentless criticism is out of concern for you to grow. Whether such criticism is at work, home or social events,  you have to remember that criticisms are not necessarily facts. For the most part criticisms reflect other people's experience , point of view, expectations  or opinion. You can diffuse  the impact of criticism  on you by focusing on your desired outcome, rather than on the bumps on the road that criticisms represent.

The second way you can communicate better with others and stay focused is to remember...

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