3 ways to make difficult conversations easier for you to handle

conversations Aug 01, 2020

Do you dread of making difficult conversations? Do you worry about how such conversations could after your health and affect your ability to have better communications and relationships? By understanding a few strategies and putting in a little practice, you can learn how to make  difficult conversations easier for you to handle.

Start by showing whoever  is making your conversation difficult that they matter. How can you do this?  You can do this by showing them that you are paying attention to them.  Everyone wants to matter. By giving your conversation partner your full attention, you can accomplish that with ease. Avoid looking at your watch, your phone, or scanning the room. Keep your attention on the other person. This will help them feel more  in control of the conversation and less aggressive.  The benefit of this approach for you, will be that you will be less stressed out and more able to control the direction of the conversation,...

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3 ways to take more charge of your life and achieve more

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2020

Are you sick and tired of hesitating to take more charge of your life ?Would like to get more positive transformation from your daily interactions with others? 

The problem is that though everyone  wants a better life, few are willing to take charge and make it happen. It’s the accumulation of fears and a lack of responsibility that are to blame. You can take charge of your life and transform it into something exciting and fulfilling. It’s never too late to be great!. Here are 3 ways to take more charge of your life and get more positive transformation. 

Begin by taking full responsibility. The easiest way to deal with life is to accept full responsibility. That doesn’t mean that everything is your fault, but it is your responsibility to deal with your life. Don't let what others may have done to make your life more challenging prevent you making your life great.  Don't blame your wife, husband, children or friends for the negative...

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How to use gratitude to have better health and better relationships

gratitude Jul 23, 2020

One of the keys to greater success, better health and happiness is your relationship with  those close to you. This is true , whether you are talking about family, friends or co-workers.  The more you show gratitude in your interactions with others, the more good health , peace and happiness, you shall enjoy in your life. Here are 3 ways to protect your health, and  make relationship better through unstoppable gratitude.

What is unstoppable gratitude? It is form of gratitude that depends on your to an in-exhaustible source of positive energy. You can begin to experience this by showing your gratitude to even those you know do not deserve it.

The first way to show gratitude to others is to show how much you appreciate them. Just tell them. Watch how much they appreciate the compliment. If you are talking to someone whom you usually find hard to compliment, find something positive to say. Be authentic.

Do  something positive for others. It might be as simple as...

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How to improve your leadership skills every day

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2020

if you  have better leadership over yourself, you can become better at managing challenges  at home, work, and during the other parts of  your  life.  When you  strengthen  your  leadership skills you will enhance your  career. Here are  few tips on how to improve your leadership skills every day.

Remember  that since leadership is a skill, you can master it or become significantly better at it, if you put in the work. You can do this by making sure that you learn to look at the challenges of your daily life, as opportunities for becoming better through the prism of leadership. You also have to be prepared to learn from your mistakes.

Do you think differently when faced with a difficult situation? Do you know how to make critical decisions when under pressure ? Do you have control over your  thoughts and do you simply yell and lash out at others when they upset you? Do you do this more frequently at home or...

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Never Stop improving

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2020

Did you know that you can become a better version of yourself, if you never stop improving?


 Did you make New Year resolutions? Have you kept them or fulfilled them.

Research has shown that 80 percent of the people who make New Year's resolutions fail to keep them. Why ? The main reason is lack of motivation. When difficulties arise on their way to making their resolutions a reality, most people quit. They quit because they do not have the habits or system they can fall back on , that can make them resilient enough to be successful.

Are you prepared to form the habits that will help to become more effectivet ? If you are , then you are ready to never stop improving. This means you are prepared to live a life in which you stop  complaining about your bad breaks and how others have taken advantage of you, and left you with the crumbs in life.

Don’t assume that some people are living  the kind of great life you would like to live  because they were born...

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