3 natural ways to lower your blood pressure

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2022

3 Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Do you have high blood pressure? Would like to learn about natural ways to lower your blood pressure? Here are 3 simple and natural ways, you can lower your blood pressure.

The first way is to improve your daily emotional well-being. You can do this by changing the negative patterns that occur most frequently in your daily life or interactions with others. It is now an accepted notion that a person's social life can have a big impact on the state of his or her health or happiness. People who spend a lot of time having positive social interactions have a healthier and longer life than those who keep themselves isolated. This is another of those changes that is always possible to make. Try to find activities that you enjoy and that allow you to positively  socialize. This will improve your social wellness and your health.

Examine the past 48 hours of your life and see the situations and circumstances that predominantly make you unhappy....

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Do you have a simple strategy for dealing with unexpected negative encounters within the family?

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2022

 Do you have a simple strategy for dealing with unexpected negative encounters within the family? I mean those times when a seemingly normal happy positive family interaction goes south. This could be in the middle of a family trip, when one person wants a quick stop for fast food, and the other person wants to go home immediately. It could be while the family is hanging out in the living room after a long day at work and you make a comment about something in the news or your experience at work, and another person finds it unacceptable.

The underlying problem in any of the above scenarios is that something that has been said or a decision that has been made has rubbed someone the wrong way. You have inadvertently hurt another family member’s feelings. Boom! You have just set off an unexpected conflict.

How will you handle it? Please don’t start by telling your wife, husband, child, or sibling, that they should not be upset over such a small thing. You are simply...

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How to make your weight loss more holistic after 50

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2022

After the age of 50, you will discover that losing weight and keeping it off, will no longer be as easy as it used to be. Don't despair. There are still natural and holistic steps you can take that will help you to easily  lose weight! 

First of all, don't  assume that because you failed in your previous attempts at losing weight that you will fail again. Invest in yourself. Make your weight loss more holistic! 

Develop a better understanding of your compass profiles so that you can cut down on stress and improve your wellness dimensions. If you are not familiar with the compass profiles, get my book Relentless Weight loss, to get more details. The compass health profiles are the foundation for the compass method for transformational living. The components of the compass profile are:

C = Community Relationships profile.

O = Operational capacity profile.

M= Metabolic profile.

P= Physical profile.

A= Ambition profile.

S= Spiritual profile.

S = Self Knowledge...

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Have a Happy Valentine's day without drama

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2022

Happy Valentine's day, 

Today is still a good day to share with loved ones without drama. Trying to make sure you get presents for your loved ones can lead to drama and stress if you are not careful. Here are three ways you can have a happy Valentine's day without drama.

Don't get to your breaking point before you take action. Shop early for your Valentine's day gift or gifts for your loved ones. This way you won't wait until crunch time before you take action. This is will help you to eliminate the drama of the last minute rush or the danger of not getting the most for your money. Why ? If you let things come too close to the edge before you take action you may put so much pressure on yourself that you may not interact positively with the ones you love. Don't destroy the spirit of the gift you are sharing on Valentine's day because of drama.

Avoid participating in gift gossip. We are  social creatures and  we all tend to talk about each other. If you have...

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How to reduce sodium intake and reduce your blood pressure


Reducing your sodium intake is one of the natural ways to reduce your blood pressure if your are hypertensive. Yet, when most people that are hypertensive think of reducing sodium, the end up doing only one thing, they stop adding salt to the food they cook or eat.  Surprise! Surprise! This isn’t enough.  

Most people stop adding salt to their food  then complain that though they have stopped adding salt to the food they eat, their blood pressure has remained high. This is usually disappointing because the food has become less tasteful, yet the desired effect of a reduced blood pressure has not been achieved.

 Why is this happening? Here are a few reasons I want to share with you in this training from the Dala Compass Academy Wellness Challenge.  

This usually happens because other sources of sodium have not been accounted for. If you are over 47 and you want to cut down on sodium so that you can reduce your blood pressure then you have to...

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3 benefits of keeping food journals to lose weight

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2021

Did you know that keeping food journals can help you lose weight and keep it off? Research has shown that those who keep track of what they eat through journals re twice as likely to lose weight and keep it off.

On e the benefits of keeping  a food journal is that it helps you to Increase your awareness. A food journal will help you to become more aware of how much you really eat. Did you really eat 5 servings of fruit yesterday as planned or did you eat only 2 servings and fruits and vegetables? If you ate only 2 servings of fruits and vegetables, what happened? Did you forget? Did you not have the fruits and vegetables that you liked or where simply too bored to even bother to be keep your weight-loss plan?

The second benefit of keeping food journals is that it will help you resist temptation. Knowing that you’ll need to jot down those bacon bits on your salad or that extra slice of birthday cake may be all you need to stop you in your tracks. Making nutritious...

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3 simple habits that can change your life

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2021

3 Simple Habits That Can Change Your Life


Do you know that you can  change your life through the right self-mastery habits?  Your life largely depends on the actions you take rather than on what you think about and never act upon. There are many actions you can take that mean little when only done occasionally, like brushing your teeth, but when do consistently lead to great benefits like potentially saving from a root canal..

 Brushing your teeth regularly is an example of a right habit that can lead to a right result.  The following are 5 simple habits that can change your life:


The first simple habit that can help you change your life is the habit of reviewing your goals each day.  It’s not enough to write down your goals each morning or simply think about it . It’s necessary to review them at least once each day. If your goal is to eat 5 viggies every day than it is a good idea to review your goal in the after...

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3 self-mastery habits for dealing with difficult conversations.

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2021

The problem with difficult conversations is that they can easily lead to emotional tension, frustrations , anger, and stress. The other danger is that difficult and challenging conversations when poorly managed can easily to flared tempers and violence. How can we manage them better? You begin by using self-mastery habits to deal with difficult conversations.

The first step you need to take is to say little. As much as possible avoid getting into it with people that want a verbal fight with you or confrontation. You never know what a confrontation could lead to.  Wherever or whenever confrontations arise from difficult conversations, things can quickly spiral into serious disagreements or  in some occasions into physical or deadly violence. The habit of saying little at critical times can be the difference between using fire to cook and setting your house on fire!

The second step is to form the habit of being assertive. While it is important not to allow yourself to...

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3 quick tips to help you lose weight and keep it off without going on a diet


The first quick tip is to drink more water. Are you surprised that it is that simple? Research has shown that water acts as a natural appetite suppressant. It could be related to signals sent to the brain from the stomach that suppresses your need to eat , after drinking water. It could just be that after drinking water that your stomach feels so full  that you  eat less. 

The other thing to remember is that drinking water before meals, even if it as small as 2 cups per meal can hep you lose weight,  because cumulatively you will end up eating less calories per day. There you have it, if you really want to lose weight and keep it off, drink more water every day.  Finally ,  remember that if you drink more water you are less likely to have time drink other fluids like soda , and  juice.

The second quick tip is to form the habit of saying, "No". Don't say "yes" to please others and eat ice cream to please others when you have already planned not to....

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How to use the habit of effective listening to eliminate conversational frustrations

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2021

Do you listen effectively when others speak? Can you distill the essence of what others have said or what others are saying? When you form the habit of effective listening you can  understand the essence of what others are saying each time you talk to them. When you do this you will look forward to your conversations with others because you can eliminate frustrations and joyfully get the the outcomes you want. This is a skill with a steep learning curve, so be prepared to make mistakes as you make progress.

The  more you can understand and express what others have said the less stress you will have to deal with when you interact with your friends, co-workers, spouse, kids or even complete strangers. On the other hand when you misunderstand others because you have not effectively listened to them, they will become frustrated and mad at you. This can lead to pain, anger , rage and sometimes physical violence.

The first step in the habit of effective listening is letting the...

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