More tips and strategies for managing stress.

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2021

Tips and strategies for managing stress

Do you know that stress can occur at any time, any place, any situation, with any  anybody and under any circumstance ? You need to develop the tips and strategies that would help you to manage stress in any situation in which you find yourself in. Three years ago, while at the birthday of a friend, a friend of mine found out that his  first son was not really his. He was so devastated and stressed out that he had a heart attack at the party. He was rushed to the hospital and luckily survived.

The first tip and strategy for effectively managing stress in our lives, is to recognize the serious health impact stress can have in our lives. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, panic attacks, headaches, confusion and even heart attacks! Why?

Stress is a highly personalized complex  reaction that occurs due to the interaction between an individual and the environment, involving subjective perception and assessment of stressors ( This can be considered as demands on the individual). Stress is the terminal point of numerous dynamic and interconnected  biological, psychological and social factors (Lecic-Tosevski D, et al, 2011). Because stress is highly personalized and interconnected to biological and psychosocial factors, the impact and manifestation with each individual is different. This can sometimes lead to indifference or lack of empathy  because of the lack of a shared experience.

When the way someone has experienced stress in a given circumstance and situation is different, there is a tendency to dismiss another person's account or experience as unreal or too dramatic. Whether the ultimate impact of stress on you as a person will be negative or positive depend on how you  manage it( balance or imbalance).

Are you prepared to manage stress in whatever form it presents to you  or affects you, in your daily life?  The second tip or strategy for managing stress is to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that trigger stress in your life. Did you know that audiovisual inputs from your interactions  with yourself, others and your community and environment will impact your brain, then specific organs in your body, which will release chemicals that then lead to the stress response? Are you familiar with some of the ways can affect your body or cause symptoms?

How do you  feel when you are understand stress?

Do you feel anxious, angry, and tense?

Do you have headaches?

Do you have  loss of concentration ?

Do you feel powerless?

Do you quickly get into rage?

Do you have loss of interest in normal activities ?

Do you have increased alcohol and drug use ?

Do you have sleep problems

Did you experience loss of appetite

Do you have back pain and stomach problems

Some of these symptoms are not surprising since perceived stress leads to a negative emotional response in the form of fear, anger, anxiety, and depression and in turn leads to the body’s attempt to adapt to these changes through a complex pattern of neuroendocrine and immunological changes (Herbert& Cohen, 1993).

Why is it important to know how stress affects you?

The more you know and understand about the biochemical, physiological and cellular changes that occur in your body as a result of stress the more you will be able to maintain the balance that would  enable you to eliminate and manage  stress from the different places, situations and people that lead to stress in your life.

My strategy for managing stress is based on my 3-step system for managing stress. the first step is to identify the source of stress. The second step is to develop your own strategic individualized plan of action(SIPA) for eliminating and managing stress. The step is to relentlessly apply your own SIPA to different  situations and circumstances to lead to stress in your day to day encounters and interactions.

These tips can actually help you become a better manage of daily stress, but if you want a more detailed and structured approach, please sign up for my stress management made easy training program that will help you to consistently eliminate and manage stress daily!!!


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