How to use realistic expectations to eliminate stress in your daily interactions with others

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2022

How to use realistic expectations to eliminate  stress in your daily interactions with others

If you want to eliminate stress from your interactions with others, you have to begin with the end in mind.  How can you do this ? Don't expect to get an apple from an orange tree. Don't expect your teenage son to be gentle and reasonable during a family discussion or disagreement. You have to learn how to manage the level of maturity, personalities and world view of the people you have to interact in your daily life. If you want to have  realistic expectations from your daily interactions with others, you have to begin with  a realistic assessment of your daily expectations for your interactions with others throughout the day.

Focus on what you can control.

Focus on how you can use your time well, rather than on the time that has already gone. Rather than looking back on yesterday and wishing you had done a better job during your interaction with certain people, set up realistic goals for today! Focus on what you can control with the time you have, rather than on the time that has gone.  Do your 72-hour stress audit so you can quickly recognize the recurring stress-triggers and stress-generators in your daily interactions with others!

Recognize disruptive patterns and stress points and avoid them.  Keep running in your lane. Remember that “your past is only a benchmark for the future”, it is not the sole determinant of your present and future experiences.  Refuse to take those negative interactions that lead your emotional disruption personal.

Try  to read the situation and circumstances of your interaction with others better. Sometimes you start with "good morning" and you get immediately challenged.  What will you do? If through your 72- hour stress audit, you already know that some days, the "good mornings" are a little bit cold, you would be more prepared for "low energy good mornings" and you get upset because , you have to prepare yourself with a realistic expectation of the particular interaction. 

Even if you assume that every encounter with others would lead to a positive outcome, you have to be prepared for the negative. For some people, a positive outcome is putting you in your place.  This means talking down at you or making it clear that you are incompetent or inferior to them. Don't buy what they are selling. Just because someone  says you are not good enough, does not make it so. Don't let the negative energy from others drain away , your own on positive energy and believe in yourself. Protect your health.


Refuse to take negative interactions personal.

You have to remember that you are connected to others through your emotions. You have to remember that like the oceans are never completely calm or without waves, your interactions with other at home, work and events, can never be completely free of emotional waves. This is because your emotions are like the oceans are never completely still. Your interactions with others will always ebb and flow from harmony , to disharmony, then back to harmony. The pendulum swings back and forth.

Making emotional adjustments to eliminate  stress is part of what you have to do every day to protect your health and improve your family wellness!!!   Please let me know If you have questions or comments. You can also sign up for the Compass Wellness Challenge to learn different simple, smart and easy ways, you can improve your dimensions of wellness, and live a healthier and better life! 


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