How to use gratitude to have better health and better relationships

gratitude Jul 22, 2020

One of the keys to greater success, better health and happiness is your relationship with  those close to you. This is true , whether you are talking about family, friends or co-workers.  The more you show gratitude in your interactions with others, the more good health , peace and happiness, you shall enjoy in your life. Here are 3 ways to protect your health, and  make relationship better through unstoppable gratitude.

What is unstoppable gratitude? It is form of gratitude that depends on your to an in-exhaustible source of positive energy. You can begin to experience this by showing your gratitude to even those you know do not deserve it.

The first way to show gratitude to others is to show how much you appreciate them. Just tell them. Watch how much they appreciate the compliment. If you are talking to someone whom you usually find hard to compliment, find something positive to say. Be authentic.

Do  something positive for others. It might be as simple as helping them buy a meal or taking them out to the theme for a fun weekend together. It might be something as simple as agreeing to do a family movie together. When you make others happy by being generous with your time, you will live more stress free, healthy and happy!  

The third way to share gratitude with others is to give them a gift. If you are a parent form the habit of buying small gifts for your kids every time you go to the grocery store. It could be something as small as ice cream or their favorite cookies or as helpful a face mask! You can do that same for your friends, spouse or social acquaintances . 

If you cannot give  the gift of physical goods, give them the gift of compliments. Tell them how great they are at doing some activities like playing board games  Ludo, cards, basketball, chess or even jump ropes.  Everyone enjoys a sincere compliment. The more compliments you give , the more you shall receive.  

The more you learn to be gracious even when the situation does not call for it, the more you will find yourself swimming in tranquility as you paddle through the ocean of life. You can also practice gratitude in your daily conversations, and make your interactions with others less stressful,  more fulfilling and healthy.   How do you start? Get a a free copy of my 12 day conversation challenge!


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