How to use food variety to lose weight and keep it off


Are you thinking of how to lose weight and keep it off, now that the holidays are over? Here are a few tips on how you can lose weight and keep it off through the variety in the food that you eat. First you need to make sure that the food that you eat contains a good percentage of carbs, fat and protein. What is a good percentage ? An example is 40 % carbs, 40% fat and 20% protein.

To sustainably lose weight, you have to aim for a healthy variety of food that contains adequate but moderate portions of fat, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Eat enough food to fill full, when you eat. If you don’t feel full after a meal you will find yourself eating too much sugary snacks in between meals to make you feel full. This will make you gain back weight you may have lost. If you feel hungry between meals, snack with small portions of almonds, cashew nuts or peanuts. Almonds will make you feel less hungry and still boost your metabolism.

Be careful when you are making food choices.  Research has shown that consuming food variety rich with high  energy density will make it more difficult for you to lose weight even if the food variety is healthy. An example is peanut butter. Eating peanut butter sandwich will lead to eating a lot of calories and would make you gain weight despite the fact that peanut butter is healthy. You are even less likely to get away with if you have a less active lifestyle. 

Make variety part of your daily eating habit. Do not eat a particular food too much just because you like it. If usually eat to a lot of white bread and soda just because you enjoyed them, cut down your portions then consider stopping them altogether. This is because bread and soda contain significant calories and sodium. These are examples of processed foods with high energy density. Instead make the choice to make most of the variety food you eat to be low energy density foods like fruits and vegetables. If you are truly trying to lose weight after the holidays, it is better for you to eat as much fruits and vegetables as you can. You can eat this until you feel full and happy. Because these are  low calorie diets, you still keep within the low-carb percentage when in eat them. 

 If you plan your meals and snacks ahead of time you will have to make them the variety that will help you to relentlessly lose weight. Take time to plan at least one lunch and dinner every week without meat or cheese. Create your meals around whole grains, vegetables and beans to increase fiber and reduce fat. If you want to have something to chew on, get some fish or tofu. You can make every Friday your fish meal day to begin with then gradually add more and more fish to your meals. These tips will help you  get more variety in the food that you eat and lose weight depending on your hedonic hunger score and your baseline weight control behavior.

Research has shown that the higher hedonic hunger score the more likely you are to lose weight.  The higher your hedonic hunger score the more likely it will be that your drive to eat for the pleasure of food will be low. On the other hand if you are able to recognize and manage the environmental cues that make you want to eat, you will also be able to lose weight more. This is similar to the cues that predispose some people to smoke when they are trying to quit smoking.

The fact is that when it comes to losing weight, the more you know about the daily factors that can affect how you eat, the more you will be able to eat smart in a way that works for you, without getting on torture diets. This is part of the process of relentless self-mastery.

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