How to use critical thinking to increase your self-regulation

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

One of the keys to having more consistent wellness in your daily life is greater self-regulation. Why is self-regulation so important?  Self-regulation is the  ability to control your impulses and distractions and maintain the standards that would help you achieve your goals. Critical thinking will help you to make the decision to take action every day to help you become the best and happiest version of yourself.

How does critical thinking help you to increase your self-regulation? When you use critical thinking to solve problems in your personal or business life, you can be much surer of a better outcome. Critical thinking  can help you to discard biases and beliefs and statements that are hurled at you through your daily interactions with others. This will help you deal more effectively with anxiety and stress and have better emotional and social wellness.

When you apply critical thinking more consistently to your decision making you will increase your self-regulation. You will have a better ability to deal with negative situations if start by clarifying the problem first.  It will not be enough to know that there is a problem, you need to clarify it. This means you need to know what is causing the problem, what emotions it generates for you and the other person and how you can make positive adjustments.

You can also use critical thinking to  carefully analyze the situation before you  end up drawing the wrong conclusion. When you draw the wrong conclusion, you will end up with the wrong solution. You have to be able to look beyond what’s presented as “facts” in the situation and seek other perspectives on the matter. Sometimes this will mean agreeing to step away from your work and give more time to friends and family.

Using your critical thinking to make appropriate changes to your behavior or interactions with others will help you increase your self-regulation and reduce stress and anxiety. When you reduce stress and make your decisions in a clam and thoughtful you will increase  more dimensions of wellness and improve your health.

Why? First, less stress , means less stress-related health problems like high-blood pressure, asthma, heart burn, heart disease and head aches. When you have better health, you will have more time to increase your spiritual and ethical wellness. This means you will find more opportunities setting keeping quiet when you want to speak, at other times it will mean going with the flow.

When you appropriately use critical thinking in your encounters with others, you will learn to more consistently think before you take action. Don't respond aggressively to every comment you do not like a conversation without thinking about the impact of your comments. Be patient enough with yourself to think of the implications of some of your solutions to the problem. Remember that every action you take has the potential to lead to an equal and opposite reaction.

 Look at your past experience to see whether you have dealt with similar encounters successfully in the past. How can you apply the lessons that life has taught in the past, to the present situation you are dealing with? First acknowledge your personality, strengths, and weaknesses. Then commit yourself to using critical thinking to help you make decisions in your daily life. Do you know what will follow? You will increase your self-regulation and holistic wellness!

Whatever you discover, start small. Remember that little drops of water make the mighty ocean. This thought will help you, even when you feel overwhelmed by the thought of becoming more consistent in using critical thinking to improve your self-regulation.  For tips and strategies for relentless holistic wellness sign up for the Dala Compass Academy, if you have not already done so.


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