How to overcome your fears and doubts about losing weight and keeping it off

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2021

How to overcome your greatest fears and doubts about relentless weight loss. The greatest fear most people have about losing weight is that they won't lose as much weight as they want to, after all their effort. They fear that they will begin  and not finish their weight loss journey. Part of the reason is that after the initial enthusiasm spurred on by health or social concerns, doubt begins to creep in. Here a few tips and strategies to help you overcome fears and doubts about losing weight and keep it off.

Have confidence that you will actually lose weight and keep it off when you follow the relentless weight loss program. Why? Research has shown that effective weight loss depends  80 % on what you eat and 20 % on how much you exercise.  While you can explain to me that you did not have time to gym, you always have time to decide what you will eat and how much you will eat. Have the confidence that your you can control what you will eat at any time of the day.

This does does not mean that you will not have doubts and obstacles. Sometimes you will have such a craving for a particular type of food that you will eat it whether it is healthy or not. Eat it but adjust. Follow it up with fruits and vegetables. If still in doubt about how much eaten unhealthy food or snack, consider doing intermittent fasting.

The third tip for overcoming fears and doubts is to take daily action inspite of your limitations. You have to remember that when you have confidence  in your ability to take clearly defined action or participate in clearly defined activities, fear and doubt will become  meaningless concepts to you. This will help your confidence to grow as you see better results. This is part of the process of self-mastery and relentless improvement.

 Remember that feelings of doubt can be  quickly overcome, if you replace those feelings with confidence and positive action. Use your  doubts   to strengthen your focus. Let your doubt  remind you  to tell yourself how you are able to make adjustments. If you doubt you ability to lose weight either because of cravings or doubts in your ability to eat smart, focus on theses few steps. First eat more vegetables and fruits, cut down on processed food, reduce your portions and  then read your nutrition facts without fail. Regular consistent strategic holistic action based on your compass profiles will help you lose weight and keep it off.

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