How to make your weight loss more holistic after 50

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2022

After the age of 50, you will discover that losing weight and keeping it off, will no longer be as easy as it used to be. Don't despair. There are still natural and holistic steps you can take that will help you to easily  lose weight! 

First of all, don't  assume that because you failed in your previous attempts at losing weight that you will fail again. Invest in yourself. Make your weight loss more holistic! 

Develop a better understanding of your compass profiles so that you can cut down on stress and improve your wellness dimensions. If you are not familiar with the compass profiles, get my book Relentless Weight loss, to get more details. The compass health profiles are the foundation for the compass method for transformational living. The components of the compass profile are:

C = Community Relationships profile.

O = Operational capacity profile.

M= Metabolic profile.

P= Physical profile.

A= Ambition profile.

S= Spiritual profile.

S = Self Knowledge profile.

How can profiles  help you lose  weight  after 50? The community relationships profile is essentially your communications profile. The first step in using the community relationships profile is to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. What is holding you back from making a commitment to taking the steps and actions that will help you  lose weight? 

Remember that good communication will help reduce stress. The more you reduce stress the more you will lose weight. Why? More stress means more cortisol in your body, which will lead to more stress gain. The smallest action is better than the greatest intention. Taking action will help you reduce stress and have more energy for all the fun things you would like to do with your life. Nothing in life is perfect, so if you find some of these steps too hard to take, begin with the actions you can take today.

Ask yourself questions that will help you recognize which aspects of your relationship with others could either be contributing to your weight gain or making it more difficult for you to lose weight. Maybe you have been getting into too many arguments with your kids, your spouse or your parents. Be more strategic in your conversations , so that you cut down on conversational stress. Remember that the more you can cut down on stress, the more you can cut down on stress-related weight gain.

The second way you can embrace  holistic weight loss is to embrace holistic exercise. This means you have make increasing movement and activities an intrinsic part of your daily life. How can you do this? Get up and move more. Break your daily walks into 10 minute intervals, if you are too busy to work 45 minutes a day at a time. Create more opportunities to walk. If you go for child's soccer game or other sports activity, don't sit in the car, get up and walk around. Look for daily opportunities to slot in physical activities into your daily routine. 

If you haven't gone to see your doctor for a while. Go for a check up. Why? Your Metabolic profile will include both your nutritional and metabolic analysis. You can get your metabolic analysis by getting your physiological and laboratory tests done. This will help you to know if there are significant medical problems responsible for your weight struggles. Getting the right tests done with the help of a healthcare professional or your doctor will make it easy for you to know which aspect of your health profile you need to focus on improving. Remember that as we get older chronic health conditions like high blood pressure , diabetes, and arthritis, with related medications, can contribute to making weight loss more challenging.

Do you know your family history? When it comes to losing weight even without running tests, your family history can help you a get a better picture of your risk factors. If you have a family history of diabetes or chronic obesity, then you have to be much more vigilant than others.

Make out time actually weight yourself. Some people want to lose weight but they are too busy to actually find out their own weight or waist circumference. When you weigh yourself so with a modest weight loss goal of 10 pounds? Please don't start with the goal of losing 50 pounds in 1 month. Start with small realistically achievable  goal, then build up slowly. 

Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the possible. A better understanding of your psychosocial strengths and weaknesses will help you know your limitations, when it comes to choosing pathways to losing weight and improving your wellness.  The interesting is that when you get a better handle on all your dimensions of wellness, you will also become able to lose weight more holistically after 50.

To learn more about how to improve your dimensions of wellness and lose weight more holistically after 50, sign up the 90 day compass wellness challenge!


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