How to lose weight and keep it off through fullest eating

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2021

Do you know how to lose weight and keep it off through fullest eating. What is “fullest” eating? It is eating in such that you feel your fullest in every meal without eating too much. Here a few steps to help you eat your fullest in every meal.

Instead eating your meal and adding three or more servings of vegetables and fruits to your meal , eat your veggies and fruits first, then add them to your meal. Here is an example of the eat to the fullest meal. Before your meal, eat and an apple. Drink a glass of warm water with lime or lemon. Eat two sticks of celery. During your meal add servings of veggies or salad. End your with a glass of water. Taking these actions will make you feel fullest without eating to the full. This is s way of physiologically stretching your stomach and signaling to your satiety center that you are full.

Why is this important? First, it means you can feel 100 % full or fullest, when you have only eaten about 80% of your  usual meal. This is way of reducing your total energy intake per meal while increasing bulk and volume. Research has shown that drinking water before a meal will help to expand your stomach. This approach will make you feel completely full when you are only 80% full. This is important because eating only up to 80 % full was one of the common practices of people of Okinawa in Japan, who have the highest number of centenarians in the world. My suggestion is that you drink at least two glasses of water per meal and increase the bulk in your meals through fruits and vegetables. This will help you reduce your total calorie intake per meal without complex diets or complex calorie counts diets.

You can also eat to the fullest by increasing your daily intake of salads consisting of cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, spinach and bananas. Eating a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables per meal with reduced portions of your regular main meal will significantly make  your food more healthy and more bulky but less energy dense. This will help you to significant lose pounds and keep them off. Remember  the more calories you eat, the more weight you gain. Eat less, lose more!

Please try this out let me know about your thoughts or comments. This is part of relentless weight loss training program. If you don't already have a simple and effective strategy for losing weight and keep it off, you can click here to get  the relentless weight loss course today!




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