How to improve your health and lose weight by cutting down on sugar

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2021

Do you know that one of the reasons why you are not losing weight as much as you want is because you are eating too much sugar? How? How can you be eating too much sugar , when you no longer add sugar to your tea, coffee or other beverages?  You no longer drink soda too! Today I will share with you sources of added sugar that you need to eliminate or mange more consistently improve your health and lose weight .

The first one is obvious. Cut down on added sugar from soda and fruit drinks that contain a lot of added sugar. 

The second is not that obvious. Cut down on added sugar from healthy food choices. For example, yogurt is generally considered a healthy food choice, but do you know that yogurt contains added sugar? A  typical serving 16 g of added sugar. This means when you eat 2 servings or 2 cups of low fat sugar you have eaten 32 grams of added sugar. How does this compare to the daily recommendations for added sugar for men and women?

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the recommended sugar intake for men is 37.5g and for women 25g. This means that if you eat 2  servings of yogurt, you would have eaten 32g of sugar, which is about 6 g less than the daily for men and 7 g above the daily sugar recommendation for women. The increase in sugar in your body can lead to an increase in your triglycerides  and LDL cholesterol ( bad cholesterol)and lead to a reduction in the level of high density lipoproteins (HDL) in your body( good cholesterol).

One way to lower your sugar intake from healthy food choices is to make sure you use your nutritional fact to help you eat smart. If you are familiar with the relentless weight loss training program , you will know that I talk a lot bout eating smart. In the example above, Greek yogurt  contains only 9 g of added sugar per serving and two cups would give you 18 g of added sugar with about 20 g to spare for men  and 7g to spare for women. Which yogurt do you think would be the eat smart choice?  

Why would consuming less sugar, particularly refined or added sugar help to protect your health? Research has shown that  eating too much sugar can lead to an increase in your insulin level, insulin resistance, obesity, atherosclerosis and heart disease . increase in added sugar will lead to increase in free radicals, advanced glycation end (AGE) products which will damage your blood vessels and lead to potentially more health problems. 

The third is similar to the first. Avoid high glycemic index and glycemic load food sources. Vegetables and fruits tend to have low glycemic loads and help to moderate the amount of insulin that is secreted after a meal. This will help to reduce the risk for the negative health outcomes described above. 

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