How to focus and thrive inspite of your daily struggles

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2020

Do you sometimes get frustrated by your struggles to have greater personal success? As the year comes to an end, do you sometimes wonder how well fulfilled your goals for the year?  How can you do better next year? One of the keys holding us back from greater personal success are negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts are like a cancer to your spirit. They slowly eat away at you until there isn’t enough left to support your hopes and dreams. Negative thoughts are damaging because they affect everything that comes afterwards. This includes your decisions, goals, actions, and results.


Negative thinking can impact every area of your life and limit your ability to achieve greater self-mastery. If the time you have to spend on self-development is limited, dealing with your negative thinking is good way to allocate your time and improve self-mastery. 

Here are 3 ways you can eliminate negative thinking and be more positive:

 Avoid thinking of yourself as a victim. When you think of yourself as a victim, you train your mind to expect and accept failure.  Don't allow others to make you believe that you can't achieve the success that you strive for. When you  have the mindset of a victim, you’re dooming yourself to a plethora of negative thoughts. The problem with having a victim  mind set is that it stops you from looking at your hopes and options. Remember that you have choices. 

Recognize your negative thought patterns. Write down your thoughts and tendencies  for the past 72 hours. Did you follow through on your thoughts or did you postpone taking action? Do you know the negative thought patterns that dominate your daily actions and habits? Do you know that your thoughts can be just as habitual as your morning coffee or your morning exercise.  What are your common negative  repetitive thoughts and when do they occur?  When you notice negative thinking, change your thought. Either think a positive thought or redirect your thinking and focus to whatever you’re doing at that moment that will help you achieve greater personal success. Don't waste time on negative unhelpful thoughts like how you magically succeed without effort.

The third way to to eliminate  negative thoughts is to read positive quotes each day. If you can’t find the time to read a book   that helps you improve your self-mastery of positive thinking , at least read one  positive quotes each day. When you read a positive thought, ask yourself how you can apply it to your own daily life.  You can get positive quotes from websites with quotes on a wide variety of topics or from books with positive quotes. If you are a person of faith, one book that can also help you build up daily spiritual positive quotes is the bible.

One bonus way to overcome negative thinking and become more positive is to ask yourself, “Do you know for certain that your thoughts are based on facts? Or is it just your opinion and fears?” You don’t know as much as you think you do. You make a lot of assumptions based on faulty knowledge. This can lead to the belief that a situation is less solvable than it really is. It can also lead you to have so much doubt in your ability to succeed that you will end up failing before you begin. This can really affect your ability to achieve greater and sustainable success in everything you do. 

 The more you think positively , the more successful you will be, as long as you learn how to consistently overcome your negative thoughts from and try again. If you only do the things you know you can do, you’ll not be able to achieve personal transformation. This is actually part of the essence of  self-mastery. You can also  learn more by getting a copy of my 12 day conversation challenge. Click here to get your free copy!!

Are you finally ready to take charge of your life? Are you prepared to accept that you are more than  a victim? Are you prepared to work your way through your anxiety and  fears? Please sign up for the Dala Compass Academy program for optimal health and relentless personal transformation, if you are not already signed up!



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