How to easily manage different sources of pain in your body

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2020

How do you deal with pain in your body? Are you free of physical and emotional pain? One of the ways you can control pain is to have greater control of your emotions. You can control your emotions by how you  control your thoughts and communication strategies. You have to know what role  social factors play in your emotional pain and how to avoid  negativity that can hurt you. How can you train  your  mind to avoid thinking about pain? 

You have to remember that no matter where you go in life or where you find yourself in life, every meeting with another person has the potential to turn into a, negative human interaction.  This could be an interaction with your child, with your spouse , co-worker or friend. This experience could occur at work, home, sports event, religious event, or social event. Negative human interactions are a part of life that it is better to be prepared for, than to wish or assume you would never experience them.

The sad thing about negative interactions is that they can lead to pain. My friend was telling me how he got in trouble the other day because he son got mad at his son for spilling ice cream on the wall while running down the staircase.  His started crying and yelling that his dad was more concerned about the wall, than the fact that he had spilled his ice cream. My friend said that when he tried to explain to son that the wall was just painted 2 days ago, and that no one was allowed to eat up stairs, it made matters worse. He son stormed out of the meeting!

At the end of the day both my friend and his son , suffered from emotional pain as a result of a seemingly innocuous interaction. The key to dealing with negative human interactions is the ability to manage the emotional disruption and pressure that occurs as result of such interactions. In this example , I told my friend that the son wanted to have his feelings validated before the corrections and warnings kicked in. This is part of the process of effective conflict management that can help you to keep your body pain free!

A conflict is a disagreement or a difference of opinion between two or more people. Those people with good conflict management skills will know how to turn these differences into a positive experience for everyone involved. One skill that you will need to improve to become a better manager of negative human interactions, is the skill of listening. You must have the ability to listen to both what is being said and what is not being said. You have to be able to listen to the body language of the person you are interacting with and the environmental language of the setting in which the interactions are occurring or taking place.

When it comes physical pain. you have to remember that  nerve endings and chemical messages that play a role in pain. You can liberate yourself from pain and the warning signals that these nerves send, by applying the warrior mind-set to every situation you have to deal with in your daily life.

You can  avoid injuries and stressors that can affect your body, by doing regular exercise and improving your health. What can you do to control the pain after an injury?

Give your body  the chance to heal from pain. Avoid overexertion that can trigger pain.  When you  exercise, pay attention to your  joints, muscles and tendons. Give them a chance to rest between exercise, so that you don't cause yourself inadvertent injury.  These are just a few tips and strategies on how you can make your body pain free and more consistently successful.

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