How to adjust your diet and manage your blood pressure

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2021

 You have to make managing your blood pressure part of your relentless wellness strategy. Whether you have high blood pressure or not, you have to learn how to monitor and keep your blood pressure within healthy range appropriate for your age.

One way to manage you blood pressure is to adjust your diet. The problem most people have is that they get so caught up with trying new ways of eating healthy that they keep on changing plans. This is like trying to build a house without ever getting past the design or plan.

If you really want to lower your blood pressure through healthy eating, you have to find a simple plan and stick to it. You have to find healthy foods you like and stick to them. Most people that begin a new diet find it hard to sustain and end up quitting before they can see tangible results. For example, celery can help lower blood pressure, but you can only get the full benefit if you consistently eat it day in day out.

When I talk to most people about how to lower their blood pressure  by eating celery, they like the idea but find it hard to find to eat it everyday. You can even chew it or cut it up in small pieces and put into your meal. 

You can also lose weight and gain better control of your blood pressure by reducing your daily food portion. You can begin by cutting  down the servings or portions of your regular meal by half. For this example let us use about half or a third to reduce your energy intake. You fill the gap with vegetables and fruits. If you feel pangs of hunger, snack with nuts, drink plenty of water or take some fruits. Please do not take soda for water.

The more your servings are reduced, the more weight you would lose and keep off. This makes sense since less food intake means less energy intake. The short fall in energy will be obtained from excess body fat resulting in weight loss. However, reduced servings may mean more hunger pangs. To deal with this, eat more fruits, vegetables and fibers as fillers. Fibers are especially good for your system because they help to increase bowel movement. This has the added effect of making your digestive system more efficient. One easy to add fibers to your usual or regular diet is to add chia seeds to your food.

Eating food rich in fruits and whole grains helps to lower your blood pressure. Do you know by how much? It is by about 13mmHg. Of course this will also include reducing the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol. Whole grains contain a lot of fiber. Foods like brown rice, quinoa, oat meal, millet and barley are whole grains. If you want to get more tips and strategies, please sign up for the relentless weight loss training program!

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