How to abandon an old habit and begin a new more positive one

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2020

How  to abandon  old habits and implement new, more positive habits.


One of the obstacles to living the life you want right now is that  old habit that is holding you back. Can you make the changes that can enhance your life today? Old habits can be a little challenging to break, but when you are  committed to breaking them , you will feel empowered to explore new options in your life. How can you form new habits and give up the old ones? 

You can adopt new habits by making small, but significant, changes in your life. These small changes are easy to implement and to maintain. Don't try to change everything about yourself in one setting. You will become overwhelmed and minimize your chances of succeeding. 

First identify the habits you want to change and why you want to change it, then decide the . Here is my own  example. I decided to change my habit of not listening enough to others during challenging conversations. The problem was that once I felt you were not being logical or consistent in the key points of your conversation, I mentally switched off.

The problem with this approach was that it made others feel belittled and unappreciated. This was not a good place to be, especially when you want  to cut down on stress and have more meaningful conversation with others. This is part of the process of effective and empathetic communication that will help you  feel good and get better results from your interactions with others. How did I change this old habit?

To break this negative habit , I began by making sure that I reflected the other person's point and concerns before sharing  my perspective. This had an immediate positive impact because others felt that I was more in tune concerns and message.  The most amazing part of this new habit that I am still developing  is that as long as I demonstrated that I was more interested in hearing others out, It became easier for me to disagree with others  without getting into fights and arguments.  I was loving it and I was filled with excitement because I could see the positive impact of the new habit in my life.

Do you know what is even better news? You can take this same strategy  and apply it to any old habit you want to change. If you have any problems applying the steps I have shared with you, drop a comment or join the compass club on Facebook for more tips and strategies.

You can also get more clarity by asking yourself the following questions: 

  1. Which three of your  current habits create the greatest challenges for you?
  2. What are three more constructive behaviors you can begin with  instead?
  3. What will be the benefit of replacing the old negative habits, with new more positive ones?

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