How to deal with daily criticisms that can affect your health

Uncategorized May 24, 2022

How to deal  with daily criticisms that can affect your health 

Criticism is something we all have to face every day of our lives. It can from your boss, co-workers, friends, family, siblings, kids, parents or spouse. How do you  deal with  daily criticisms that can affect your health? Do you stand tall and continue to be strive to become the best version of yourself or do you  lose it and counter attack? Do you begin to doubt yourself and your ability to become better? Does daily criticism affect your ability to build healthy relationships with your self and others?

At the end of the day, no matter where the criticism is coming from, it is a source of stress in your life! I wish I could tell you that criticism never affects me, but that would be in accurate. Sometimes, when I feel I have been wrongly or falsely criticized I spend too much time analyzing the criticism and wondering if I should have done things differently. The problem with this approach is that it is negative energy driven, and leads to emotional hurt and pain. This approach allows the critic to win , and negatively impact your health and wellness. It also wastes your time. Please don't do it, or stop doing it , if you already doing it!

I get better results in the face of daily criticisms when I first listen intently to the critic, then decide how to react to it. I keep in mind that from experience reacting negatively and with offense does little to criticisms does little to support my case. Instead it allows the critic to point to my emotional disruption as evidence of my incompetence and my inability to be kind , fair, loving and competent. 

Critics want to gloat in their righteousness and the accuracy of the portrayal of your flaws. They like to celebrate your failures or your perceived incompetence. This could range from your inability to manage yourself properly, to your habit of always of complaining and looking for sympathy or playing the victim.

However, when I keep quiet, and listen intently, I give myself time to digest the criticisms and develop the most appropriate response to the criticism that I am getting. This is part of the process, that allows me to determine whether to speak, whether to keep quiet, act like if I didn’t the criticism or simply walk away.

When I recognize negative energy coming my way unnecessarily, I take it with a smile. Remaining stoic in the face of unfair daily criticisms gives me the courage to to take the blows without crumbling or falling down. My best defense is to respond with dignity and respect. This helps me to build inner self-confidence that does not require unnecessary explanations to others.

That inner confidence is enough to shield my soul from the harshness of unnecessary criticism.  What about you? What will inner confidence do for you?  Will it allow you  to explore some of the things to build your  courage and confidence in the face of relentless daily criticisms. How do you  turn harsh criticism into a positive learning experience? How do you make better decisions? How do you develop the skills of giving constructive feedback to others?

Focus on becoming better rather than on becoming perfect. Acknowledge that despite your best efforts, you may sometimes be criticized by others because everyone’s perspective and world view is not the same. After all , some people still believe that the world is flat!!!

Never lose focus of the fact that the reason for finding ways to manage daily criticism is to protect and improve your health and wellness!   If you would like get regular tips on strategies that can help you  improve your health and wellness, please also sign up for the Compass Wellness . Through this challenge to learn different simple, smart and easy ways, you can improve your dimensions of wellness, and live a healthier and better life!  


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