How discomfort can help you change and grow

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2020

How can discomfort help you change and grow? You can start by adapting to new conditions that will helps you  grow. One way to do this is to start by seeking  out different perspectives and constructive feedback. When you  talk with  your friends and family, ask them  about how they coped with similar experiences. This might give you a chance to see if the ideas they are sharing with you makes to you based on your personality and perspective!

How else can discomfort help you change grow? Make sure you  create a network of contacts that provide you  with encouragement and support. Don't hang out with those who will discourage you and tell you horror stories about failure and how you are likely to fail when you are trying to navigate through uncomfortable times in your life.

Instead focus on your ability to build positive connections and take sensible risks.  Do a proper assessment of benefits and risks then patiently accept that you may have losses and focus on what you have to gain. Overcoming an occasional setback is better than remaining stuck in place.

Strive to be honest and authentic with yourself. Challenge any conventional wisdom that keeps you stuck. Make an effort to  break free from stale routines and adopt those habits that will make you happy and more consistently successful. Ask yourself  what are the advantages of doing something that is a little scary?

 Embrace discomfort. Don't hesitate to  volunteer for greater responsibility at work. Be willing to  sign up for additional training and take on challenging assignments. make yourself an agent of change. Join committees where you  can participate in important decisions and develop your own  leadership abilities.

 Another way to deal more effectively with discomfort is to learn how to use your  free time more productively. Don't spend all your free time sitting in front of the TV or playing with your devices. If you truly want learn how  to turn discomfort into opportunities for growth , you have to engage in those activities that will keep your mind and body sharp and fit. 

You can also learn how to view your situation from a new angle and figure out what you need to do to move ahead. Do you  embrace change as an opportunity for growth and enrichment? Are you prepared to invest in the self-mastery tips and strategies that would help you grow into the person you have always wanted to be?

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