Have a Happy Valentine's day without drama

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2022

Happy Valentine's day, 

Today is still a good day to share with loved ones without drama. Trying to make sure you get presents for your loved ones can lead to drama and stress if you are not careful. Here are three ways you can have a happy Valentine's day without drama.

Don't get to your breaking point before you take action. Shop early for your Valentine's day gift or gifts for your loved ones. This way you won't wait until crunch time before you take action. This is will help you to eliminate the drama of the last minute rush or the danger of not getting the most for your money. Why ? If you let things come too close to the edge before you take action you may put so much pressure on yourself that you may not interact positively with the ones you love. Don't destroy the spirit of the gift you are sharing on Valentine's day because of drama.

Avoid participating in gift gossip. We are  social creatures and  we all tend to talk about each other. If you have nothing positive to say about others, don't speak about them. Don't compare presents.  Don't start gossiping about how meaningful or expensive your gift is, compared  to what others gave. Give what you can from your heart and with love! The most expensive gift may not always be, the most beloved gift!! Did you give with love today or did you give to score points?

Release your emotions in a healthy way today. Drama can lead you to feel some strong emotions. Even if you're trying to eliminate drama, you can't just avoid everything that you're feeling. Don't let the actions yo take today lead to unwanted outbursts. Don't bottle up your emotions, instead make sure you positively express them today, without getting into fights or quarrels. Happy Valentine's day. Don't let spoil misunderstandings, spoil your day or disrupt your social and emotional wellness, today! If you're starting to feel upset because things are getting heated, remove yourself from the situation. Grab some fresh air and return to the situation once you've found a cool head. Focus on having the best possible Valentine's day you could have , instead getting trapped into negative interactions by those people who love drama!!

 For more options on how to keep your social interactions positive and healthy, sign up for the compass wellness challenge, where you will get more training on social, emotional and spiritual wellness.



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