3 ways you can use the warrior mindset to overcome your obstacles

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020

Did you know that you can fail when you should have succeeded? Why? Your mind can make you fail though you have the skillset to have have more consistent success. When  you look at your problems and obstacles the wrong way, you will become so discouraged that you will not get the results that you desire and deserve. 

If you, your kids or friends are going for an exam and they  begin by thinking that they  will fail because, they did not study hard enough, or the exam is too difficult, they will go in discouraged and expecting to fail.  If you go for a job interview feeling unprepared and acting as if you do not belong to the team, you will fail. You can convert  your struggles into success with the warrior mind-set.

When you develop a warrior mindset, you will set yourself up for a happier and more fulfilling life. When challenges come you will have a plan or a strategy for converting obstacles and achieving the success that you deserve.  The first step in this process is to build a mind that can shut down distractions and distractors. You have to learn to think of yourself as strong even when others are telling you how weak you are or ineffective they think you are. TELL YOURSELF that your mentally, emotionally, and physiologically strong and you can do it. Don't doubt yourself!

Reminding yourself that you can be more consistently successful at work, at home, and in even in social gatherings, can help keep on striving for excellence in all your endeavors. The person with a warrior mind-set will repeatedly tell himself or herself, that 'I can do it".

One of the recommendations I have in the relentless weight loss program is that you start your own relentless weight loss program. You can start your own relentless success program to remind yourself that the sky is your limit. Remind yourself of your past achievements and the steps you had to take to get the results you achieved. Get a pen and paper and start listing your positive attributes.  Remind yourself about some of your outstanding performances in different situations and circumstances in your life. This will help you  uplift your mood and remind you that with right mindset and a willingness to never stop trying!

You can get a copy of my compass report   " Tips To Ease Your Worried Mind And Be Happy"! and also learn more about how you can use the warrior mind set and other self-mastery strategies to achieve  more consistent success in your life,. Don't forget to join  The Dala Compass Academy today!


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