3 simple habits that can change your life

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2021

3 Simple Habits That Can Change Your Life


Do you know that you can  change your life through the right self-mastery habits?  Your life largely depends on the actions you take rather than on what you think about and never act upon. There are many actions you can take that mean little when only done occasionally, like brushing your teeth, but when do consistently lead to great benefits like potentially saving from a root canal..

 Brushing your teeth regularly is an example of a right habit that can lead to a right result.  The following are 5 simple habits that can change your life:


The first simple habit that can help you change your life is the habit of reviewing your goals each day.  It’s not enough to write down your goals each morning or simply think about it . It’s necessary to review them at least once each day. If your goal is to eat 5 viggies every day than it is a good idea to review your goal in the after noon. You can keep your goals next to your bed and review them when you first wake up or at bedtime. Never forget about your goals again by reviewing them daily. Write them down then follow through.

The second simple habit that can help change your life is exercising for 45 minutes day. A brisk walk can be enough. Regular exercise enhances your physical and emotional health. if you can't  do 45 minutes at a stretch, break it up into 15 minutes each. You’ll also look and feel better. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy. Consider forming the habit of working at 45 minutes a day for the next 30 days. Please do this and share your comments on how this improved your physical and emotional well being.

The third simple habit that can help get better every day is to review each day. How many of your daily goals did you meet? Why did you meet some and fail to meet others? Did you spend too much time watching TV or were you caught up in a conversation took away your time? What did you do right and what did you do wrong? Ten years ago on my to Houston to  visit an old friend, I ran into an old classmate at LAX. Unfortunately  I got into such a deep conversation that ended up missing my flight to Houston.  By the time I got to Houston, the next day, my friend had traveled to New York. What a mess! To  prevent the repeat of such a scenario, I had make sure I made necessary adjustments so that I would have  more successes and fewer failures going forward. Did you know that you too can do the same?

Did you also know that the more you develop self -mastery habits the more  you will gain a better understanding of yourself, motivation and challenges?  You can also learn more about self-awareness, self-regulation and relentless wellness by signing up for the training of the Dala Compass Academy self-mastery 30 day challenge


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