5 Keys To Making Better Decisions

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2021

As we begin the new year hoping to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams for a more optimal health and greater success, it is important that we recognize how we can make better decisions. How do you deal with the uncertainty involved in making decisions? Here are 5 keys to making better decisions.

The first key is to compare the outcome of your decision against your goal. Think before you speak. Stay focused on your values and priorities. How will what you see or the information you share affect your goal or relationship with others? Don't argue for the sake of argument. Does the choice you make bring you greater wellbeing and success? 

The second key is to consider your options. Your options in any decision making process will depend on how much time and resources you have. Gather information then look at situations from different angles. Don't hesitate to ask others for their input so that you can learn from their experiences and wisdom too.  While it may be helpful to seek other opinions, you still have to take responsibility for your choices. How will your decision  align with my faith and values? No one has a monopoly of knowledge.

The third key to making better decision is to keep your eye on what you want out of life and how your decisions can get you closer to meeting your goals. If your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, how will your decision to eat 5 scoops of ice cream, help you get closer to that goal? Is that a good decision? How will telling off your boss  help you demonstrate that you are a team player in the work place? How will sleeping late and drinking too much alcohol help you achieve greater personal success? 

The fourth key to making better decision is to weigh the pros and cons of your potential decision. Don't act based only on your gut instinct without without checking the pros and cons of the potential outcomes of your decision. You have to  visualize different scenarios and compare the potential pros and cons. You have  think through your assumptions when making decisions. Do you feel relieved or excited  when contemplating the path ahead of you? Are your fears and anxiety based on reality?

The fifth key to making better decisions is taking action. Act in  a timely manner. You have to a remember  that any reasonable action is sometimes better than being indecisive. Instead of waiting for the perfect weight loss plan before start trying to lose weight loss journey, begin with you can today, and learn from your mistakes. This will help you to achieve balance  and greater success, instead of procrastinating and taking no action. This is part of the process of relentless self-mastery. 

Are prepared for life-changing decisions? Do you  keep things in perspective knowing that wonderful things can happen each time you reach a fork in the road of your interactions and relationships? Do you have  back-up plans in your decision process? A better decision has to have alternative arrangements that you  can rely on. This is part of the process of self-mastery.

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