5 benefits of walking regularly every day


Do you know that you can walk yourself to great health? The interesting thing is that you don't have to train like a top athlete every day before you can get the  maximum health benefits from exercise. In fact engaging in strenuous daily exercise can actually lead to unintended injuries. However regular mild to moderate exercise like walking can help you improve your health without the additional risk of unexpected injuries. 

Walking is natural activity that exercises all the muscles in your body and can very easily be done every day by almost anyone. The  benefits of  regular, brisk walking, include improved brain health, waistline, and mental health.  

Here are 5 benefits that you can get from walking regularly every day. The first benefit is better glucose control. When you walk at least  20 minutes after a meal, research has shown that you will have better control of your blood glucose level. Additionally regular daily walks can help to reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes. 

The second benefit of regular walking is that it can improve your brain health. Walking has been shown to improve your memory, concentration, focus and creativity. This can help you improve your confidence, productivity and ability to get things done. Did you know that the simple act of regular walking can help you  get smarter, slimmer, and healthier?

The third benefit of walking every day is that it can help you strengthen your heart. How? Walking every day can help you to reduce the level of bad cholesterol while increasing the level of good cholesterol.  Walking about 45 minutes every day can also help you reduce the risk of stroke.

The fourth benefit of walking daily is that it can help you lose weight and keep it off. How? Though walking  won’t undo the ravages of a triple bacon cheeseburger, but it does burn a few calories. More importantly, walking helps to keep your metabolism in shape. Excess calories are dealt with more effectively.

The fifth benefit of walking every day is that it can help you improve your mood nd reduce stress! When you find yourself in a bad mood or stressed out, go for  walk of 5 to 10 minutes. It will boost your mood and make you feel better. When you feel better your perspective will change and you can look at things more rationally, and make better decisions. Walking will also help feel less stressed out. It can take your mind off your challenges. It also helps you reduce of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which will ultimately help you feel much better!

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