How to gain greater self-confidence and more consistently lose weight

weight loss Jun 27, 2021

The more confidence you have, the more successful you will be in anything you do. The greater the confidence you have in yourself the more consistently you can lose weight and keep it off. One of the challenges with losing weight, is that as you get older your metabolism slows down and it becomes more difficult to lose weight and keep it off. When you gain greater self-confidence, you will become more consistent at losing weight and keep it off.

Self-confidence can mean the difference between  trusting the strategy  and ways you have decided to use to lose weight and and keep it off and worrying and trying a different method every month. For example, if you are using the relentless weight loss training to lose weight, then you have to follow through on watching your food portion, variety of food and the factor that influence your eating decisions.

How?  What is your daily target weight loss, and how can you reach it? One step that can help you lose weight  and increase your self-confidence is to keep track of your successes. Do this all day long. Start each day with a fresh sheet of paper and list your successes. It might be a good performance at a sticking to your eating strategy for the day. No fast food today! Saying No to all the snacks you were offered in-between meals at the office or at home.

You have plenty of successes each day, but you only notice a few spectacular successes each year. It’s also easy to notice every little failure. Make a list of all your successes, big and small. Avoid thinking about your failures. Ask your self what thoughts and focus helped you to meet your weight loss goal for the day. The more you do this , the  greater confidence you will have in your ability do the same thing over and over.

The second step is to pay attention to your body language. Strong, confident people stand tall and sit up straight. Maintain good eye contact. Keep your body open. Smile. Pay attention to your surroundings. Don't expect every one to agree with you or admire your decision. Remember that what is driving your decision is protecting your physical wellness by losing weight and keep it off.

The third step is to do  something that makes you uncomfortable. Having success outside your comfort zone is a fast way to increase your self-confidence. Can you go with out meat for one day? Can eat celery instead of meat for one day? Can you do jump ropes every day? Invest in yourself, sign up for swimming lessons, if you don't know how to swim!  When you can deal with discomfort and experience success, your self-confidence will grow rapidly. You have countless opportunities to test this theory each day.

The fourth step is to get  rid of the negative voices in your head. Those self-defeating thoughts that never seem to stop can be a major drain on self-confidence. Catch yourself when you’re making negative comments to yourself. Change your self-talk to something more positive.

Finally you have to be relentless. You stay committed to trying your best all the time. When you get used to trying your best all the time, your confidence will increase, and you can more consistently lose weight, if that is your main goal. If you haven't signed up my relentless weight loss training program, please click here to sign up.

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