3 ways to manage conversational stress and protect your health

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2021

If you are familiar with the compass academy or the compass wellness institute then you will be familiar with the saying that your first wealth is your health. Why? Without your health you cannot do anything else. Without good health you cannot go to work or hang out with your friends and family. Unfortunately one the commonest causes of poor health outcomes are conversational stress. What do I mean by health outcomes? High blood pressure, heart attack and weight-related problems.

Did that get your attention? How can we manage conversational stress? The step is to recognize it. Sometimes you can tell, when a conversation that was going smoothly hits a bump. It could be a violent disagreement, a dry sarcastic response or no response at all. Once you recognize the change in the dynamics with others, you have to be prepared to make changes to protect your health and yourself.

The second way to manage conversational stress and protect your health is to focus on the outcome you want from the encounter. Pick and choose which argument to have or not to have. Remember that a peaceful exchange of ideas is neither a fight nor an argument. If you conversation starts heating up diffuse the situation by changing how you think of the situation. Don't try to prove that you are right, instead ask yourself why the other person's perspective is different from yours. I s there something internal or external the other person is dealing with?

Don't take very episode of conversational stress as a personal attack. Ask yourself, if the other person is expressing their own hurt. Hurt  begets hurt. The problem with taking conversational stress personal is that it leads to emotional tension and frustration. When you are upset you tend to lash out and become aggressive. This can lead to disruption of you coping mechanisms and stress that you cannot manage. A few years go during a family meeting, Tony the son of Mat, publicly disowned his dad. Unfortunately Mat was so distressed and stressed out that he had a stroke! Do you know the worst part of the story? The stroke was so severe and disabling that the  son  became in charge of the family business and assets. 

This is an example of what could happen, when we let our emotions and sense of self , get in the way of our own strategic individualized plan of action. Be focused and strategic so that you can more effectively manage conversational stress and protect your health. After all, your health is your first wealth.

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