3 ways to improve your daily wellness

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2021

Taking good care of your health and your body is pivotal to your wellness and well-being. What are some of the ways you can take care of your health every day? You can improve your daily wellness by losing weight and  making good healthy choices. Here are 3 ways to improve your daily wellness.

The first way is eating well. Eating  smart and well should be a  big part of your daily  wellness, but there are other components that are just as crucial. Eating smart means more fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. It also means  eating a rich variety of fruits and vegetables. Eat apples, oranges, mangoes and lime. Regularly drink lime and warm water or lime and green tea. if like coffee, drink it in moderation. 

Eating well means focusing on food while eating. This means not eating while watching TV. Eating at regular intervals. Chewing food thoroughly before swallowing and drinking plenty of water with your meals.

Make nuts  a regular part of your healthy food choice. If you don't slowly acquire a taste for them. It took me a while to get used to almonds. Right now, my go to nuts are almonds, cashew nuts and pea nuts. You can make your  own choice of go to nuts for snacks. For some , the nuts of choice, are walnuts and pistachios. Please as much as possible eat unsalted nuts or nuts with very low sodium. The nutrients that you receive from healthy choices,  provides your body with the essential materials to maintain and heal itself.

Don't forget that your quality of life is dependent on good health. The second way to improve your daily wellness is to manage or eliminate daily stress. Anticipate sources of stress before they occur. If you are still not familiar with the process of relentless stress management, begin by doing your 72 hour stress audit. This will help you identify the common factors that lead to stress in your daily life, the time it occurs the most and with whom. Most of the stress we deal with every day comes from our interaction with others. You can eliminate or more effectively manage this type of stress through a more effective management of conversational stress. Ask yourself what you can expect from a conversation before you speak? Don't forget that the interest of the speaker more than truth or facts will drive your conversation with others. Learn how to be prepared for the unexpected in daily conversations and interactions. If this is something that you struggle you can learn more about how to manage conversational stress by signing up stress management made easy course.

The third way to improve your daily wellness is through exercise. Regular daily exercise you boost your mode and lift your self -confidence. As a busy person or parent , it might be challenging for you to create a block time of about 45 minutes daily for exercise. However, you can do your exercise in 10 to 15 minutes chunks. You can strive for daily walking and jump ropes.  You can aim to walk at least 45 minutes a day and do about 200 jump ropes per day. Make this a cumulative daily goal based on your health and exercise tolerance. The key thing is to keep moving as much as you can. An orthopedic surgeon told me many, many years ago that movement is life.

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