3 Ways to eat smarter and lose weight

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2020

You plans to eat smarter and improve your health, might not work out, until you discover the bad habits that may be keeping you down. They require a multi-facet approach. Here are 3 ways to eat smarter and lose weight by developing better habits.

Replace your bad habit of snacking at night with bread and butter with fruits and yogurt. Do you think you can do this? First identify what you snack with every night. If it is not bread , it could be cookies or ice cream. Since bad habits are hard to simply drop, you have to think of the benefit you get out of the habit and how you can find another habit that will give you same benefit. The key would be finding out why you snack at night. Why do you snack at night?

The second way to eat smarter and lose weight would be learning how to make one simple change to your meal at a time. While I really like portion control which is one of the ways I teach in my relentless weight loss program, i would encourage you to
; start by making fruits and veggies about 50% of all your meals. Once you find yourself consistently doing this, you will gain the confidence to add another option to your weight loss strategy.

The third way would be to remove your triggers. For example, get the junk food out of the house. Get bread, ice cream and cookies out of the house. Don't decide to buy junk food on your way back from work, then complain that you are so tired that you end up eating junk food every day. This approach can make your weight loss strategies a little bit more challenging. How can you change this out come?

One bonus tip for eating smarter is to visualize the likely outcome from the good habits you have developed. Bad habits really put the brakes on your progress. However when you use the tips above and give yourself a great opportunity to eliminate your bad habits and replace them with useful habits that can help you eat smarter and lose weight. There is no better feeling than knowing you have control over your life.

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