3 ways to deal with relentless criticism.

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2021

How can you cope with relentless criticism? Have had to deal with relentless criticism? This is a topic I go back to often because it can be challenging. How can deal with  a situation in which you are relentlessly told that you are wrong, incompetent and ineffective? The step in this process is to ask yourself  if defending yourself or explaining your actions would make a difference?

The first step in managing relentless criticism is to ask yourself if you know the personality of the person criticizing you. If the person has a type D personality, then you are wasting your time. Most people with a type D personality, like to be in charge of everything. They like to be in charge of your conversations, relationships, and decision making. If you get criticized by them and you offer explanations, it will make matters worse, because they will see your explanations as your attempt to tell them that they are wrong or inaccurate!

Recognize when an emotional explosion  is about to happen, then get out of the situation  before a shouting match occurs. Once a disagreement leads to an emotional response, more disruptions in  the form of relentless criticisms will occur. The second way is to anticipate a problem and take action that will help you reduce stress and protect your health.

The third way to deal with relentless criticism is to focus on value -based living ( VBL). Ask yourself if you are living according to your values?  If you have done the best that you can based on your ability, personality, circumstances and resources at your disposal and you get criticized by someone else with a different personality and approach, ignore the criticism. Give it the silent treatment and stay focused on continuing to do your best based on your own values. 

The more you can improve your self-regulation the more you can more effectively  manage criticism and the related stress that it may generate. This is part of relentless wellness and improvement.  You can sign up to the Dala Compass Academy to find out more ways and strategies that you an use to achieve greater relentless wellness and improvement in 8 dimensions of wellness that can affect your well being!



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