3 ways to adjust your health through your diet and reduce your blood pressure

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2021

3 ways to adjust your health through your diet and reduce your blood pressure. If you really want to lower your blood pressure through healthy eating, you have to find the healthy foods you like and stick to them. Did you know that  ciliary can help lower blood pressure? This is one simple way to lower your blood pressure. Make it a point of duty to eat 10 sticks of ciliary every day. I once shared the impact of ciliary with a friend who wanted to start trying natural ways to lower his blood pressure. At first he was enthusiastic. He old he bough 20 bags of ciliary the next day. He started by eating 20 sticks of ciliary a day. Unfortunately after 2 weeks he was down to one a  stick a day. What was the problem? He got tired of eating ciliary. The problem is that  you can only get the full benefit if you consistently eat it day in day out. You have to consistently make the changes you want to what you eat to get the benefits you want. 

While fruits and vegetables are not drugs or high blood pressure medications, similar principles apply to both of them. If you stop taking your medications without talking to your doctor, your blood pressure will go up.

The second way to reduce your blood pressure by eating smart within your culture. This means finding ways to make adjustments to eating habits that you grew up with, without  trying to count calories. This is a simple but effective approach to eating right in a culturally sensitive way. Different cultures have their dominant food types and specialties which the population of the culture eats regularly. If you don't know the dominant food or the most common food you eat every day, do your 72 hour food audit. If you don't how to do your food audit, get a copy of my book relentless weight loss for more details or sign up the relentless weight loss training. Add fiber to all your meals. Did you know that eating food rich in fruits and whole grains helps to lower your blood pressure? Do you know by how much? It is by about 13mmHg. Whole grains contain a lot of fiber.

The third way to adjust your diet or meal and reduce your blood pressure  would be to cut down the servings or portions of your regular meal by more than half. To avoid hunger pangs, you have to make up for the loss in of volume with a significant increase in the bulk or servings of  vegetables and fruits. Eating fruits and vegetables is one way to increase the intake of potassium which helps to counter the effects of sodium on the blood pressure.

If you feel pangs of hunger, snack with nuts, drink plenty of water . Take a glass water before each meal and after each meal. Aim to drink at least 12 glasses of water a day. The good news is that  research has shown that drinking water before a meal will help to expand your stomach. This approach will make you feel full when you are actually 80% full. This is important because eating only up to 80 % full will help you eat less food and gain less weight in the long run. This can help you reduce blood pressure.

Whatever you discover, start small. Remember that little drops of water make the mighty ocean. This thought will help you, even when you feel overwhelmed by the thought of changing your eating habits.  For tips and strategies for eating healthy and holistic wellness sign up for the Dala Compass Academy, if you have not already done so.


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