3 simple fixes for your daily wellness

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2020

Your health is an integral part of your well being and ability to have consistent success. Your quality of life will depend on your health and wellness. Here are a few simple  fixes on how to maintain your daily wellness! 

 How is your current diet interfering with your quest for wellness? The first simple fix for maintaining your daily wellness is to  choose healthy foods that nourish your body . This means you have to deliberately choose to eat more fruits and vegetables rather than processed food. Cut out or significantly cut down on fast food. When you eat fast food, avoid soda and fries and halve the bun in your burger or eat only one of your burger buns. When you make the right food choices, your body will receive nutrients that will help it to maintain and heal itself.

 The second simple fix to help you maintain your daily wellness is to  avoid disturbing your mind. Be careful with your conversations so that they do not become stress generators. Watch the tone of the other person's  voice and the content of your discussion. Stress can ruin your daily and long term well being, so avoid or significantly cut down on conversational stress.

The  third simple fix for daily wellness is adequate sleep. While eating smart and stress management are important  parts of your daily wellness, you cannot overlook getting enough hours of sleep , everyday. This is a very big  part of your ultimate  wellness. Strive to have  to 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Don't go to bed with your phone or devices, the temptation to check one more thing, will make it  difficult for to give your brain a break!  What activities do you  take part in that are obstacles to your sleeping well or to your health and wellness?

Do you exercise every day? The fourth simple fix for your daily wellness is regular exercise. Take part in thirty  to  forty-five minutes of healthy exercise each day. I do not recommend strenuous exercise. Brisk walking every day will do wonders for your health and wellness. The most important thing in exercise is consistency. Don't start today , then skip your exercise for the next 2 weeks, then complain that it is not working.

What habits are you  willing to develop that will move your body toward a state of wellness?  The more you can develop and master  your own self -mastery strategies, the more consistently you can improve your health and wellness and achieve more consistent massive success! 

You can begin by getting a free copy of my compass report   " Tips To Ease Your Worried Mind And Be Happy" Compass Report! and also learn more about how to Improve your health, increase your happiness, and discover how you can use the warrior mind set and other self-mastery strategies to achieve  more consistent success in your life by joining  The Dala Compass Academy today!


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