3 self-mastery habits for dealing with difficult conversations.

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2021

The problem with difficult conversations is that they can easily lead to emotional tension, frustrations , anger, and stress. The other danger is that difficult and challenging conversations when poorly managed can easily to flared tempers and violence. How can we manage them better? You begin by using self-mastery habits to deal with difficult conversations.

The first step you need to take is to say little. As much as possible avoid getting into it with people that want a verbal fight with you or confrontation. You never know what a confrontation could lead to.  Wherever or whenever confrontations arise from difficult conversations, things can quickly spiral into serious disagreements or  in some occasions into physical or deadly violence. The habit of saying little at critical times can be the difference between using fire to cook and setting your house on fire!

The second step is to form the habit of being assertive. While it is important not to allow yourself to be bullied by others. Don't yell back when you the emotional tension begin to build up during difficult  conversations with others. The first step in forming assertive habits is to learn how to speak with your ears. When you listen to others before you speak, you will have a better understanding of their concerns and the source of their anxiety.

The third option is to walk away.  This is part of the process of making strategic adjustments your own self-mastery habit. Remember that he who fights and runs away , lives to fight another day. If you assess the situation and you see that tempers are getting to a boiling point, make a strategic decision to either poor cold water on the boiling water or simply walk away. When you do this , you can put your emotions in check, so that you can have the clarity to make better decisions that will help make difficult conversations easier to manage. This is part of the process of self-mastery. The more you develop self -mastery habits the more  you will gain a better understanding of yourself, motivation and challenges.  You can also learn more about self-awareness, self-regulation and relentless wellness by signing up for the training of the Dala Compass Academy self-mastery 30 day challenge




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