3 secrets that will help you prevent work burnout

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2021

One of the secrets for managing work burnout is to manage your expectations. What are your daily expectations at work? Do you have a plan for the unexpected? One source of stress at work is getting to work on time. If  work-related time management is one of your stressors then you can make adjustments to help you cope better. One of ways of coping is to start getting ready for work the day before. This way you won’t be in  a hurry in the morning. Get your clothes ready the night before. If you have to drop someone off before you can get  to work, leave earlier than usual or call in to see if you can change your schedule for the day. Simplify and modify your expectations.  Do not always expect everything to work out as planned. 

How else can you cope with stress at work? You can become proactive. Being proactive is the second secret to managing stress and preventing work burnout. Some of the strategies you can use to be proactive could include being able to write down your planned activities for the day and the estimated time each activity would take you. This will help you to cut down on distractions and get your tasks for the day done on with minimum stress! This works best if you focus on doing your main tasks of the day first, instead of rushing to do them last. When you rush your main tasks you are more likely to make mistakes.

The third secret to managing work  burnout is flexibility. You need to learn how to become more  flexible in both your time management and expectations. You have to motivate and manage yourself well before you can manage others. You can always reschedule some of your work or volunteer to cover for others, it will help you become a better  and respected  team player in the workplace. However, if you completely ignore the time requests of your coworkers and refuse to reschedule meetings and trainings, you may simply be replacing one stressful situation with another. Make sure you discuss what will be rescheduled or scrapped. Be flexible and accommodating in your decision making.

Simplify and reduce your expectations. Do not expect to be understood. Do not always expect everything to work out as planned.  


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