3 natural ways to lower your blood pressure

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2022

3 Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Do you have high blood pressure? Would like to learn about natural ways to lower your blood pressure? Here are 3 simple and natural ways, you can lower your blood pressure.

The first way is to improve your daily emotional well-being. You can do this by changing the negative patterns that occur most frequently in your daily life or interactions with others. It is now an accepted notion that a person's social life can have a big impact on the state of his or her health or happiness. People who spend a lot of time having positive social interactions have a healthier and longer life than those who keep themselves isolated. This is another of those changes that is always possible to make. Try to find activities that you enjoy and that allow you to positively  socialize. This will improve your social wellness and your health.

Examine the past 48 hours of your life and see the situations and circumstances that predominantly make you unhappy. These are negative patterns that lead to stress, emotional tension, poor emotional control and unhappiness. These negative predispositions can lead to chronic stress and sustained higher level of the stress hormone, cortisol, leading to a higher blood pressure.

 When you identify and modify the  factors that lead to your own pattern of emotional stress, you will be able to cut down on your own emotional stress. The common pattern that I had to overcome was the tendency to "over list" my daily activities and goals.

 These days, I make my list for the day and attach a time frame to it so that I have an idea about how much time I shall put into each block of activity. I also divide my list into non-urgent, urgent and immediate projects. Immediate projects get done first and others follow. 

When you cut down on emotional stress, your chronicity of stress, and the related chronic build up of cortisol , will reduce and help to lower your blood pressure.

The second natural way to lower or reduce your blood pressure is to reduce your waist line. If you reduce your waistline, you will reduce your blood pressure. This is because an increase in waist line is usually associated with an increase in your body surface area and weight. This means you heart has a larger area to distribute blood to, and requires a higher blood pressure to do so.

To reduce your waist line you need modify what you eat and exercise more consistently. The simplest modification you can make to what you eat, is to add more servings of fruits and vegetables to your meals. If you haven't done so already, add chia seeds to all your meals. It will help add fibers to your meal and reduce your waist line.

By how much do you have to reduce your waist line?  Remember that for men the waist circumference measured above the hip bones while relaxed and exhaling should not be more than 40 inches or 100cm and for women not more than 35 inches or 88cm.The exception is pregnancy for woman.



To trim your waistline faster, you need to include exercises that will further strengthen your muscles. This is important because as you get older, muscle strength becomes weaker. If you fail to take action to strengthen your muscles, you will end up with a more protruding belly. You can do this by participating in muscle strengthening activities like doing pushups and jump ropes every week. 

The third natural way to lower your blood pressure is to reduce your sodium intake. When most people that are hypertensive think of reducing sodium, they end up doing only one thing, they stop adding sodium to the food they eat.  They then complain that though they have stopped adding salt to their food, their blood pressure has remained high. This is usually disappointing because the food has become less tasteful, yet the desired effect of a reduced blood pressure has not been achieved.


This usually happens because other sources of sodium have not been accounted for. This includes salt used in cooking and salt used in preserving pre-cooked food. The first is obvious while the second will involve some research. Do you know how much salt is contained in pre-cooked burrito, pizza or hotdog? All three contain significant amounts of hidden salt, which we need to identify or eliminate to reduce our total daily intake of salt or sodium. This is one of the reasons why cutting down on fast foods or completely eliminating them is strongly recommended, if you truly want to reduce your sodium intake and lower your blood pressure.

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