3 keys to more overwhelming personal success

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2020

Here are 3 keys to achieving more overwhelming personal success. Remember that average thinking and actions lead to average results. To achieve more you need to think big. This means you need to believe that you  are capable of greater heights despite your circumstance and situation. You need to act boldly and increase your confidence. It would be nice to just have confidence without doing anything to deserve feelings of confidence, but that’s not how it works. Confidence is a skill you can build up by taking action.

Challenge yourself to become more successful by setting your goals higher.  Instead of shooting for a new job with a 15% raise, what about a 40% raise? Rather than starting a sideline business and adding $1,000/month to your income, what if your goal was to replace your current income with your sideline business idea? Do you believe this is possible? What steps can you take every day to improve irrespective of your fears and what others say? If you are struggling  of taking steps forward, you need to learn more about motivation and personality. 

Don't settle. One of the keys to more success and confidence is raising your standards. Demand more from yourself than the comfortable. Most people never rise above mediocrity because that level of achievement is comfortable. It isn’t too difficult and life is pleasant enough at the level. You can raise your standard by increasing your efforts. One way to raise your standards is to double everything. Whether you’re talking about increasing your income, making a certain number of cold calls each week, or approaching strangers in order to work on your social skills, double your effort.  Don’t be pleasantly surprised by your success. Instead, set big enough goals and do enough to achieve them that you’re shocked if you fail. 

Use the idea of overwhelming force to ensure your success. The military often applies this technique. If a situation calls for 1,000 troops, five tanks, and three helicopters, they might send 3,000 troops, 15 tanks, and 10 helicopters. Victory is all but assured. Figure out what it will take for your to achieve personal success in a given sphere of your life, then increase your effort. If you figure out that walking 3 times a week will help you lose weight, then walk 6 times a week. This is part of the process of making it impossible to fail.

This is also part of the process of relentless self-mastery. You can learn about more tips and strategies for relentless  self-mastery through the Dala Compass Academy. You goal should be to put in such more effort that  in everything you strive for that your personal success is practically guaranteed. 

You can get a copy of my compass report   " Tips To Ease Your Worried Mind And Be Happy"! and also learn more about how you can use the warrior mind set and other self-mastery strategies to achieve  more consistent success in your life. Please sign up for    The Dala Compass Academy program today! , if you are not already doing the course!



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