Tips and strategies for overcoming your challenges and obstacles to consistent weight loss

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2020

Be prepared  to overcome obstacles once you make a decision. Don’t expect that when you make the decision to lose weight everyone around you will become supportive. Some people will support you but others will say you are pretending. Others will want you to fail either because they have failed or because they want you to find out that it is not easy to lose weight and keep it off. The good news is that opinions are not facts. their thoughts and wishes cannot determine your outcome , unless you allow their words to take away your confidence and ability to act.

When you take regular action, the results will follow. Taking action includes telling people "No" at the Christmas party when you are offered soda and cake. This is part of the process of self-mastery. It also includes not getting into arguments about what you will eat, when you have already made a decision that cake and soda won't be part of your relentless food options for the day. Making decisions and following through with action has to be part of your process of self-mastery. 

How can you deal with the challenge of overcoming obstacles? You have to be strategic. Strategic thinking is the key understanding your situation and circumstance and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. If you know that going to eat more junk food when you leave in the morning without breakfast, then make sure you eat your breakfast.

You have to start your day with the main goals you have to achieve but be prepared to make adjustments as you move through the day. Don't let those who see only your uncompleted projects and faults, or the number of times you have failed in your attempt to lose weight,  discourage you from believing in yourself and consistently striving to become the best version of yourself every day.  When it comes to consistently losing weight, you have to have clarity in your goals as well as confidence in your process. 

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